Tulsa Webster Alumni

Tulsa Daniel Webster High School Alumni Foundation

Where does your dues money go?

Memorial at 40th St and Yukon

Scholarships for 2 students per year

New Trophy cases in field house

Class pictures in main lobby

New Warrior tiles in main lobby

Assisted students with Prom and graduation costs

Blue Gazebos in front of the old boy's gym

Brick memorial in front of the boy's gym

Support for student and student activities

Helped send FFA officers to convention

Helped fund the learning center for handicapped students

Purchased benches throughout the campus

Helped with repairs in the auditorium (Curtains for windows and stage)

Sponsored several fine arts programs

Paid for bridge repairs

Paid for repairs to the old boy's gym

Support for the principles break for foreign exchange students

Toward organ repairs in the auditorium

Miss Daniel Webster Coronation dresses in 2013

Helped students pay for Advanced Placement tests in 2016

Just remember anything you pay to the Foundation is tax deductable!